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Now You See Him

by Eli Gottlieb

Nick Framingham is an ordinary, hard-working, regular family man Ė until the death of his childhood friend, Rob Castor. Castor had broken away from the crowd in Monarch, a quiet upstate New York town, for the city, where he became a writer and cult hero, a notorious character in whom the rest of the gang took vicarious pleasure. Now his suicide, after murdering his girlfriend, has stunned the community and put Monarch at the centre of a media circus.

It is the nature of Robís death by his own hand that has so shaken Nick. He becomes obsessed with Robís death, reliving childhood memories, trying to rationalise it somehow. His marriage suffers as a result. His wife Lucy canít take the distance that Robís death has put between them, nor the re-kindling of a teenage relationship between Nick and Robís sister, Belinda. (Rob was never Lucyís favourite person, choosing to quote Chekhov in his best-manís speech at their wedding Ė ďDonít get married if youíre afraid of lonelinessĒ.) And we canít help agreeing with Lucy: just why is Nick so fixated with the death of this person with whom he barely had a relationship in his adult life? As Nick delves deeper into the past, the story twists and turns, secrets and lies are revealed, making some sense of Nickís complex feelings for Rob.

NOW YOU SEE HIM is a clever, well-written novel that presents themes about friendship, marriage, fidelity and trust, while slipping in several surprises along the way!


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