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Little Gods

by Anna Richardson

This debut novel by Anna Richards is action-packed from beginning to end.

It tells the story of Jean Clocker, born to a miserable, hateful mother. Her life is a series of highs and lows with her enormous height being the theme throughout. With the turn of each page, I almost couldn't bear to find what tragedy would befall her next and willed her on. There are some wonderful moments for Jean too; being befriended by the beautiful Gloria, her rewarding career during WW2 and finding love with the tiny soldier, Denny. But it's the death of her mother, Wisteria, which gives her a freedom she has never known.

I wondered how tall Jean really is? Is it the years of her mothers put-downs that makes her think she is monstrous?

I shouted out loud and held my breath until Jean finally sees the light and realises that most people are just as desperate as she is. She learns almost too late that her body is a thing of beauty.

The book is at times witty, erotic, devastating and triumphant.

The bizarre life she leads in this book is summed up by the line - “there was no place she could go where weird would not follow”.

LITTLE GODS ended with a smile on my face and a hope of a sequel.

Thank you to Karen Catto of The Shore Connection book group for this review.


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