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Who Is Mr Satoshi?

by Jonathan Lee

This debut novel from Jonathan Lee is a touching portrayal of grief combined with a quirky mystery – the search for the eponymous Mr Satoshi.

Rob Fossick is a widowed photographer. Rob’s mother lives in a nursing home and on his last tragic visit to see her she has a fall and rather dramatically mutters something about finding a Mr Satoshi as she gazes, stricken, at Rob while sliding down the patio window. Later, when sorting his mother’s belongings, Rob finds a parcel addressed to this soon to be elusive gentleman.

Rob exists in a fug of alcohol and prescription drugs since the terrible death of his wife. His work is suffering and he has alienated most people, including his manager who urges Rob to go to Japan, look for this Satoshi character, and take some pictures while he’s about it.

And so to Japan he goes. That other-worldly place where life takes some surprising turns as Rob gets involved with an intriguing bunch of individuals. One of these is a spirited young woman named Chiyoko - a cross between Florence Nightingale and a character from a Manga comic – who not only helps Rob in his search, but also to face the terrible demons that have haunted him since his wife’s death.

Does he find Mr Satoshi you ask? You’ll have to read this funny, sad and clever book to find out.

Published by Windmill - 295pp

Irene Haynes


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