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Shine Shine Shine

by Lydia Netzer

A book written for the joy of life and love, of pity for the dying and understanding of the "different" must surely be read with insouciance tempered with mercy. Lydia Netzer's exceptionally fine storytelling ensures a measure of empathy and should be read by discerning readers.

Of course all the money spent on rocketing off to the Moon should be spent on educating every little girl on Earth to earn her very own money, drive her own car and choose her own man; above all, she should learn how to plan any family she feels she cannot forego. She might even enjoy life with another woman and a dog. But as long as men enjoy being accommodated and pleasured by fond and devoted slaves such a Utopia will not exist, and to hell with good housekeeping on Earth. But we know all that.

So enjoy SHINE SHINE SHINE for Netzer's splendid first novel, and for the scholarly wit that will draw her readers inexorably into her orbit. She is authentic and original, and the story is told with so much fun and wizardry that even NASA sceptics will be intrigued by her strange little family. Stargazers, mathematicians and lunatics should beware of addiction.

Published by Simon & Shuster, 408pp.

Paula McMaster


Jan Nicklin
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