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The Humans - Book of the Month

by Matt Haig

I haven't had so much fun with a book since The Very Hungry Caterpillar and that was a very long time ago. Who would have thought that a novel about an alien coming to earth to kill several people in order to stop the advancement of humankind would be so funny? And moving? And a page-turner? Well, I was surprised. In fact, I was surprised by something on almost every page.

Professor Andrew Martin has just solved the problem of the Riemann hypothesis (a conjecture that the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function all have real part 1/2. But it's probably enough to know that it's a problem that has been bothering mathematicians since 1859). Meanwhile, Vonnadorians, from their infinitely more advanced and distant galaxy, have realised that the solution to the puzzle will unlock human potential to the point that they will be able to spread their violent, irrational, consumerist, egotistical ways across the universe. And they must be stopped at all costs. So the narrator is sent down to earth in the guise of the professor with instructions to destroy any evidence of the breakthrough and kill anyone who knows about it. That includes his wife and son.

%$&*)* (fucking brilliant) as we Vonnadorians say.

Published by Canongate, 304pp.

Clare Chandler


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